Macbook Case – Floral Safari






droptest des 2048x2048 - Macbook Case – Floral Safari

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Specially designed to offer your Macbook the best protection using thin and lightweight material. A hard shell MacBook cover with a shock-absorbing inner case prevent your devices from unwanted cracks, scratches or damages.


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Beyondcases trendsetting designs with laser high-definition printing– perfect for adding some extra flair to your MacBook devices, as well as a fantastic option for gifts.


macbook dp3 1200x610 - Macbook Case – Floral SafariFULL PROTECTION FOR YOUR MACBOOK WITH A 2-PIECE PROTECTIVE COVER

– it’s not only a cover for the surface but the bottom as well, it’s a sturdy protection from all kinds of damages.

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Our MacBook cases have specifically designed a cut-out around the ports, the extra layer only prevents damages, not your access to the ports.

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Worry that an extra coat will slow down the heat dissipation? Our MacBook Air and MacBook Pro cases have fully vented holes that will ensure your devices havegood heat dissipation

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Beyondcases offers a wide selection of MacBook case designs including Marble, Floral, Pink Paradise and Classic collections to cater to your personality. Available in all MacBook models: From MacBook Air 11, MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook New Pro 13′-15′, both Touch Bar & Non-Touch Bar.



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Additional information

MacBook Type

[A1278] MacBook Pro Non-Retina Display 13', [A1369/A1466] MacBook Air 13', [A1370/A1465] MacBook Air 11', [A1425/A1502] MacBook Pro Retina Display 13', [A1534] MacBook 12', [A1706/A1989/A1708] MacBook New Pro 13' – With/Without Touch Bar (2016-2018), [A1398] MacBook Pro Retina Display 15', [A1707/A1990] MacBook New Pro 15' – With Touch Bar (2016-2018), [A1932] New MacBook Air 13' 2018

Bottom Cover

Black, Transparent